Habib Maarbani LOVES his Pullman Nexus!

Habib Maarbani took out the 2012 Latte Art Masters at Cafe Biz in Sydney.

He won a Pullman Barista for his achievement and now owns three Barista tampers, but is on record as being a huge devotee of the Nexus. “I couldn’t have done it without my Pullman Nexus tamper”, Habib said. “It’s a bit banged up these days but I take it with me everywhere. I like the Barista, but I like to have my thumb right at the edge of the base and the smooth surface of the Nexus suits me perfectly!”

Habib is the latest of a growing list of big-name baristas making Pullman their tamper of choice.

Habib Maarbani LOVES his Pullman Nexus!