The Top #4 Competitors of the World Barista Championship 2017, used Pullman tools.

We’re always chuffed when we see Pullman in the hands of baristas across the globe via the Socials. It goes without saying, seeing them used at World Competition level, makes us pretty darn proud. 

Not only did the Top #4 Competitors use Pullman, 50% of the Top #30 did too. 

The 2017 Champion, Dale Harris of Hasbean Coffee, UK, used the patented Pullman PergTamp (now named NexusPro) which is the first ever, angled side-wall tamper. 

“The decision to use the Pullman PergTamp (NexusPro) was actually one of the few we didn’t need to think about too much. After having looked at automated tampers we found that my workflow and speed was much more fluid with a hand tamper and so moved straight to the tamper we use in our training room at the Roastery. We use it there as a perfect pairing with precision baskets, and its tight fit with these aids consistent tamping practice and even extraction”

 #1 Dale Harris, by Black Water Issue

 4th place was our friend Benjamin Put of Monogram Coffee, Canada, who used the BigStep Titanium and 2 Chisels, one set for milk course and the other set for espresso.

“I use Pullman products because they increase extraction, which contributes to better flavour, but the bigger one for me, in the shop and in competition, is that they lower the odds of having a bad shot. A tamper that doesn’t properly fit will lower your extraction percentage, but it is also more likely to channel on the sidewalls of the basket.”

#4 Ben Putt, by Black Water Issue

While the weapon of choice was the flagship Pullman BigStep tamper, there was an increasing number of competitors using there-distribution tool, Pullman Chisel this year. 

2nd place was our friend Miki Suzuki of Japan, who used both a Chisel and BigStep tamper, her main focus being “consistency for extraction”. Followed by Kapo Chiu of Hong Kong, who used a Chisel for re-distribution.

#2 Miki Suzuki, by Black Water Issue

#3 Kapo Chiu, by Black Water Issue

From the Pullman team Adelaide, Australia – Thank you for your endless support, we look forward to making tools as the industry requires for many movements to come.