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Why the Pullman System?

Nexus Tamper

Released in 2011, The Nexus tamper offers a classic ergonomic shape with a comfortable curve running throughout all its components.
The Nexus is a mid-range product and is ideal for those who don’t need the features of the Barista and prefer the feel of a traditional, base heavy tamper.
Offering you…
A choice of timber or acetal handle styles with simple but solid componentry.
Customisable engraving options on the handle and base.
Custom machining of the base to perfectly fit your basket giving you a great extraction.
Our original TrueTamp rings to assist in achieving a level tamp.
A Lifetime warranty Repair/repolish service available.

Email us for this service.

Nexus Pro


Similar to the theory behind the BigStep, the increased surface area tamped improves the  extraction and avoids channeling down the untamped basket sides.
Like the principles surrounding the invention of the BigStep, the angled side-wall avoids any binding, suction or vacuum which may happen with larger diameter bases. 

  • 58.50mm Diameter with razor sharp edge  ( +/- 0.03 )
  • Covers 99.5% of the basket.
  • Tapered sides promote airflow during removal reducing the ‘vacuum effect’ common with larger tampers.
  • High grade 431 stainless steel to maintain a perfect edge.

The NexusPro is only designed for use with Pullman Filtration or other precision baskets.
The bottom edge of the NexusPro is sharp, and should be treated like a chef’s knife.  Never drop it on a hard bench or floor, or knock it against other objects; the edge will deform and can cause an imperfect fit or uneven extraction.
It will not be replaced or refunded due to misuse or carelessness. 

Portafilter Handles

Add to your Premium Pullman collection with a stunning Portafilter handle.
Match with your Tamper / Chisel or contrast for a bold look.
Fitting all unscrewable portafilters. Available with 10mm or 12mm adapter so it can be screwed into your own portafilter group head. Available to be personalised with name, logo, text or colour.
Can be supplied as a complete Portafilter, currently suitable for the following coffee machines (excludes spring and basket)
All E61 lever machines (Expobar, Noto, ECM, Brezzera, Elektra, Isomac, Izzo Alex Duetto, Rocket Giotto etc.)
Synesso SAB-E96
Sunbeam EM6900/7000
Breville BES900/920
Nuova Simonelli.

Breville 53/54 mm machines
Choose from our timber, leather, powder coated or anodised colour range.
MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES: DO NOT use cleaning detergents and abrasives. DO NOT soak handle in water.
Unscrew handle from group head before soaking in water or using detergents or abrasive products to clean. Only use warm water and a soft sponge

Tamper & Chisel Stands

You’ll love this hand turned timber stand to protect your Tamper and Chisel from damage. With a recessed area perfectly fitting your tamper base, and a deeper space for your chisel, you can relax and enjoy your coffee while your tools are safely stored..
Available in stunning timbers.