The Pullman System

Without identifying and controlling variables, we would not be able to progress as coffee makers. This is where the Pullman System comes in, as we identified the need to take control of the many inconsistencies within and between products. 

There are many variables to consider along the coffee’s journey from farm to cup. It is our responsibility to ensure the tools used during preparation are not contributing to inconsistencies with the quality and extraction of your espresso.   

The Pullman System effectively covers; 

  • Pre-distribution – the way the coffee falls into the basket
  • Distribution – how the coffee sits in the basket
  • Tamping – covering as much of the coffee bed as possible
  • Filtration – how the coffee is extracted

Since 2002, we have been making espresso tools to control these variables across a wide-variety of equipment, other tools and baristas.

However, as the industry progresses and we learn more about coffee, the importance of accuracy and hence the need for consistency becomes even higher.

The only way to ensure complete control between the grinder and the machine, was to make an entire system, with the guarantee each tool works together with you to get the most from your coffee.

Why the Pullman System?

We are the only manufacturer in the world to make this range of tools.

Why? Because it is our mission to deliver the highest quality tools to help achieve consistency in your cafe, restaurant, roastery or home. We are giving YOU complete control over the things you can control, and therefore can guarantee they will work the same each and every time.

You’ve bought the best coffee you can, take it to it’s greatest potential with the Pullman System.

Experiencing the Pullman System on bar...

“Being roasters of specialty coffee we understand the importance of doing justice to the raw product. We interact directly with coffee farmers who have poured their time, energy, limited funds and love into each of their crops – add a bit of good fortune and the green coffees produced are packed with truly wonderful potential. With this in the forefront of our mind we utilize the most powerful tools we can access as roasters to ensure we do our best to bring out the best in the coffees we roast. But everybody’s hard work can all be undone in the last few seconds of a coffee’s long and difficult journey – the extraction. It only makes sense to harness to best tools available to help baristas achieve the most even extraction possible, consistently – to help them represent that coffee to the best of their ability. The slogan sums it up perfectly: Control what you can control. We don’t rely on anybody other than Pullman and their well thought-out and thoroughly tested products to help us achieve that.

We recommend the Pullman System to all our wholesale partners. Not only does it improve extraction quality and consistency, but it also improves workflow and alleviate barista cognitive load – baristas are less stressed and are better able to enjoy their work and engage more fully not just with the coffee but with the customer and their experience. Wins all round!”

Adam Marley
Monastery Coffee