Developed specifically for high-volume cafes, with multiple baristas and tamping techniques, the TampSure™ is the answer to your consistency problems.

How will it help me?

Together with correct and accurate dose control – each dosage is compressed identically, every time.  The barista is unable to tamp on an angle, as the guard doubles as a guide
Less physical effort required, with the aim of decreasing RSI related injuries and muscular strains to the barista.

Ease of use and also removing a cognitive step means the barista is more efficient and less stressed.

New staff are unable to contribute a tamping variance, reducing the need for initial constant training.

Adjustable adaptor sets available to allow for differing head room according to the density of coffee you are using.

If no dosage control exists, the TampSure™ acts as a dosage-monitor. (Assume, the TampSure™ depth is set based on a 21g dosage. The grinder then distributes 23g into the basket – the TampSure™ will not sit flush with the basket rim)


The TampSure™ intended purpose is for use with one coffee at a time. Ie. the main coffee or “house” coffee.

The simplicity and beauty of this tool is that it is a set and forget mechanism that only needs to be adjusted when a new coffee is dialed in.