Leather-wrapped handles available

There’s no doubt about it. Leather just oozes class and sophistication, so it’s no surprise it’s eventually ended up as part of a Pullman Tamper! We actually prototyped a leather-wrapped Deluxe handle right back in 2006 but the shape didn’t work too well; so we’ve had to wait until now to turn our dream into reality!

Apart from looking fantastic, these handles feel unbelievably good, and while we don’t recommend it for commercial use it just might be the perfect handle to have at home! Each one is custom-made to your specifications, so you can choose the colour of the leather, the colour of the stitching and even the orientation of the different coloured leather panels!

We’ve done a few examples here just to give you a taste of the sort of thing you can do but remember – custom work is our specialty, so while not every conceivable colour combination may be available, use your imagination and we’ll do our best!