Pullman Nexus Tamper announced

Nexus TamperĀ 

We’re very pleased to announce the newest addition to the range of Pullman Tampers – the Pullman Nexus!

The Nexus is replacing the Deluxe Tamper in our line-up and is a very exciting product! It offers similar features to the Deluxe Tamper but with superior ergonomics which makes it suitable for commercial users who may not want to spend top dollar on a Pullman Barista Tamper. It comes with oiled hardwood handles or classy black Acetal.

“What about pricing?”, you may ask. Feature for feature this is on par with the Deluxe Tamper so the RRP is the same ($129.95). However…! in its most basic form the recommended retail price is $99!. Why? This lower price is achieved by only offering a 58.0mm flat base; custom sizing and different base profiles are available on the standard priced Nexus tamper. This is great news for those who want a top quality, 100% Australian coffee tamper but don’t require / want to pay for the perfect fit available in the standard priced Nexus.

Pullman Nexus Tamper announced