Smaller Barista tampers announced!

It’s nearly three years since the Barista Tamper was announced to much fanfare. To achieve the ergonomic solution we aimed for, we had to design out of the tamper the capacity to cater for basket sizes below 57mm. In 2008, the commercial market was limited in that area and we didn’t want to sacrifice a wide comfortable rubber base for the sake of a few units which would require a smaller base.

But time’s moved on, other tamper manufacturers who catered for the smaller sizes commercially have disappeared and more mid to high-end machines have appeared on the market which use a smaller basket. Hence the occasional request for a 49.8, 51.6 or 55.2mm Barista tamper became semi-regular, and in recent months has become a dull roar!

So we’re pleased to announce it’s now available! This means we can manufacture the Barista tamper in any size from 49mm to 59mm! So whether you own a Synesso, Rancilio, Lelit, La San Marco, Dalla Corte or La Pavoni, the Barista tamper is an option for you! We’ve achieved this by manufacturing a completely new rubber insert for these smaller sizes. Larger Barista tampers will still have the wide rubber insert, while smaller tampers will use the smaller version.

“But what about the beautiful balance on the Barista? Won’t this be compromised by a smaller base?” Not at all. Despite the base being smaller in diameter, we’ve managed to maintain the same weight and balance as enjoyed by users of the larger-based Baristas. No mean feat, but accomplished.

Smaller Barista tampers announced!