Some Client Testimonials

Australian made and Australian owned. You produce the best tamps on the market and I would not use anything else.  Special mention goes to Kerrie for all her help over the past few days over social media. I’ve asked her question after question and not only did she help me completely, but she had a great sense of humour to go with it. You guys rock

Ben Hume

I’m very happy with the banksia pine tamper you provided me last month. The size is perfect, is very comfortable to use en its looks and feel is awesome! Also the shape, US-convex, works very well with my machine and made an unexpected great improvement in the cup compared to the stock plastic tamper.

Cid Kuijl

Absolutely in love with these new filtration baskets. We noticed an absolutely immediate (and obvious) jump in the level of vibrancy and clarity of the coffee we’re serving. We expected to see good results, but we’re genuinely blown away by how great the results were.

Ian Callaghan – Bar9

I was lucky enough to receive a Pullman Tamper for Chirstmas, howver my basket was 0.5mm bigger than the machine manufacturer stated so I asked for the wrong size accidentally. I went in with my basket today and Mark measured and whipped up a new one for me on the spot. Awesome customer service and top quality products! Thanks guys!

Connor Stickley

I’d been looking at purchasing a tamper for our home machine. After looking at a few products and reading many reviews, I made the decision to go with the Pullman tamper.

The experience beginning from searching the site for product, ordering, to delivery was efficient and service exemplary. I ordered late Thursday afternoon and here it was on my doorstep this morning. I cannot fault the experience so far.


Sensational service, super-fast delivery and of course the tamper is gorgeous! Thanks to Mark for helping me out to make sure everything was measured correctly!!! I wish I had a second machine just to order another tamper 🙂

Mike Mikec

The consensus from our café having used the TampSure in service (including 1000 coffee days)…simply cant go back…it’s revolutionary.

Not only establishes the same tamp pressure every shot regardless of barista but also ensures a perfectly even tamp every time… and lightens the subconscious cognitive load for baristas which speeds up service and helps with working conditions. Love it!

Daniel – Argo Espresso

Last week I received the tamper and it looks great…Better than in my imagination 🙂 My boyfriend’s birthday is next Wednesday and I just can’t wait to see his face when he opens his present. I just wanted to thank you!! Everything was perfect, you were really responsive and the tamper arrived just one week after you’ve sent it to Germany…That kind of service sometimes is even missing in Germany…It’s not the last one I’ve ordered 😉


I can’t speak highly enough of the attention to customer care provided by Pullman in making my purchase. The quality of the product was just as expected but it was the quick response and attention to ensuring that the customer is satisfied that was the best I have ever experienced in making on-line purchases.


I am just in awe of the service not to mention quality product.

I first contacted Mark on Thursday to see if he would be able to make me a tamper before Christmas. Instantly he replied he would make it happen. I placed the order Friday morning and posted the coffee machine baskets to him(express post) so he could manufacture the tamper to match them. By Monday lunch time I received an email that the tamper had been manufactured and shipped. I rang him straight away concerned that the baskets may not have arrived to him yet. He assured me he had been working all weekend to get orders out for Christmas and he had received the baskets. Both the tamper and baskets had been dispatched. They arrived Thursday. Everything perfect from the classy packaging to the beautiful tamper. It is a well made product and has a good feel and weight about it.

It would make a lovely gift for someone that enjoys making coffee with a coffee machine or professional barista.

Thank you so much.


After owning the Pullman Breville Bottomless Portafilter for a few weeks, I can say this is perfectly done. No sharp edges and my current factory-supplied filter baskets still fit. Having a bottomless portafilter really makes me enjoy making coffee even more, and it just looks fabulous. Pullman did an excellent job, not only in making the product but in communication as well. As I live in the Netherlands I needed to make sure everything would fit (I’ve ordered a tamper along with it as well), and they responded very fast. The price may be a bit high (as they mention themselves), but totally worth it.

I made a (fan-boy 🙂 article with pictures of the bottomless portafilter from Pullman:


I have just started working with the TampSure at a cafe. Its an incredible piece of equipment and well worth the money. I will be buying myself one personally as a barista training tool. Great consistency and it really improves the use of the Big Step because those tamps are very easy to use incorrectly.

Jeffery Broad

Been using the BigStep tamper for about a year now – favorite tamp ever. If you wanna party like a rockstar you gotta party with Pullman.

Chris Baca

I purchased the Settler Funnel in July and have been so very impressed with the quality of this part. The weight, height and inner lip are all mm perfect to suit the intended requirements of a dosing funnel.

If all other Pullman Espresso Accessories are of equal quality to the Settler Funnel, I would be confident in stating that there are simply no other espresso accessory brands that can compete with that level of finish and quality.

Daniel S

I recently received my Pullman Big Step tamper and I can just tell you.. It’s awesome like no other I ever tried!

Morten Bjerregaard

This is the best purchase experience I have come across so far.

I have ordered a product for my boyfriend on his birthday. Called up Mark on Monday for advice, very nice and helpful person to talk to. Product was made on Tuesday just as good as what I expected, fancy and worth the money.

My boyfriend loves it!

The best part is Wednesday the product was delivered earlier than I expected, while before I thought I would not be able to give it to my boyfriend on time. The whole experience is fantastic. I am very impressed! I would strongly recommend Pullman to all coffee lovers and makers.

Wish you guys become the #1 coffee equipment provider in the globe!


These new filtration baskets are the bee’s knees. They will be our only choice (over VST) in all our many and varied espresso filtration needs from now on. For reference we previously have been recommending only VST since day one. We’re recommending these for similar reasons – but we like them even more. Oh, and yep – they’re local ? Thanks boys

Adam Marley – Monastery Coffee