Each handle comes pre-engraved with the Pullman Tamper logo so you know you’ve got a genuine Pullman Tamper. However if you want a tamper that’s just a bit more personal, why not add your own special message or artwork? A birthday message for a coffee lover; your company logo, slogan or website address; an ‘Awarded To’ message for a prize. The options are limited only by your imagination! From logos and images, to text and tributes, custom laser engraving is the best way to make your PrizedĀ Pullman Possession unique.

A range of engraving options are available depending on the product you choose:

  • Barista Tamper with Aluminium handles – a multi-layer insert can be engraved with text or a logo of your choice, and covered with a clear polycarbonate disc. This is the most striking option visually. Logo needs to be provided in a vector format created in RGB colour.
  • A logo can be engraved onto the side of the handle. You will need to supply high-resolution artwork ( vector-based created in RGB colour).
  • A single string of text can be engraved around the handle. Your message can be up to 100 characters long in whatever font or style you want, but we recommend you keep your message in a simple font to ensure readable text.