Recap: Mad March, 2017 - HotelEx, Shanghai

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HotelEx, Shanghai
31st – 2nd

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  • Mark with Robin and the Ultimate Coffee team
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Yes, we’re pretty lucky to have such an incredible coffee culture here in Australia, but, the international scene is doing some pretty fantastic stuff too!

While we were busy in Melbourne, Mark was in China at HotelEx with good friends - Ultimate Coffee - showcasing all things Pullman.

The coffee world in China is unlike Australia in the sense that; there's people that love coffee, and there's people that LOVE coffee. FUN FACT: On average, Australian’s drink 2-3 cups of coffee per day, whereas in China, the average is something like 4-5 cups per person, per YEAR.

The coffee world is relatively new for China, as tea has been the longstanding tradition of the culture. However, our stock was cleaned out, so there's definitely a new wave of coffee drinkers emerging and we're excited to work with such individuals.

“I’m overwhelmed how much value they have for our products and the man behind the product, they made me feel like a rockstar. Thank god for WeChat translator” – Mark Ruta

Shanghai, thanks for having us!....  We'll be back next year!