Recap: Mad March, 2017 - National Competitions, Melbourne

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National Competitions, Melbourne
28th- 1st

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  • Adam competing in the Semi-Finals. Photo: Ben Bicknell
  • Adam Metelmann and Ben Bicknell

We are lucky in Australia to have one of the best coffee cultures in the world. It goes without saying; the backbone of this, is the incredibly talented people that power the industry. In certain, the passionate baristas that make your coffee so well for you!

At MICE, Australian Coffee Championships took place. This covers Barista Championship, Brewers Cup, Cup Tasters and Roasting Championship.  Here the best of the best Australia-wide brought all of their unique, tried and tested, collaborative, innovation and experience to the table and battled it out for the chance to appease the panel of judges’ palates!

As proud sponsors of the National Coffee Competitions, we get to be a part of exciting developments within the industry year to year, and this a huge part of why we are so passionate about what we do!

Adam Metelmann competed in the Semi-Finals with a story of realised potential and value creation inspired by Ben and Kristy Carlson of the Long Miles Project, Burundi.  We are so proud of all that Adam has achieved on his coffee journey so far, inspired and motivated by his passion and endless yearn for knowledge. Now the emotions of the event has settled, Adam is only motivated by the experience.

“There is no doubt that our National competition is possibly the most competitive in all of the WBC. A quick look around the backroom to see the Coaches - 3 past world champions, and also some of the most influential coffee people ever. We all know what good results can bring and this is why there is no shortage of stress, weight of the event or shortage of nerves. This being my 4th year at Nationals, I was fully aware of the environment that I was walking into, and unfortunately was plagued with some technical problems and also personal mental toughness. No matter how many times you take that stage, it never gets any easier. As disappointing as an experience it was for me this year, I will not be deterred, nor scared about what the future will hold. I was absolutely blown away by the support shown to me from Five Senses, Fleurieu Milk Company, Acaia, AMC  and of course Pullman Espresso Accessories. To be able to work with Producers like Ben and Kristy Carlson, to tell the incredible story that has been achieved at the Long Miles Coffee Project (Kayanza Province, Burundi) is truly an honour. Though to be under the guidance of Ben Bicknell, Jacob Ibarra and also with some assistance from Brydon Price (3 of my longtime coffee idols) makes the journey something that I will never forget. And of course, 5 months until I get to do it again at the next Regionals.   ” – Adam

Congratulations and well done to everyone who competed, coached, roasted coffee, judged, watched, it’s all of you that push the industry to new heights each and every day. For now, we’re putting our tools down, but not for long. We’re ready to do it all again leading up to Seoul, Korea in November.