hottop 2Kplus

The KN-8828B-2K+ is more than just an update of the KN-8828B-2K which has been the coffee roaster to which others are compared. While maintaining the various safety features of previous models, the "KN-8828B-2K+" control panel has been designed from the ground up to be the most sophisticated control system that Hottop has ever offered. It incorporates many features that have been requested by users. Some of the new features include:

  • The timer now can be set by the user to count up as well as count down!

  • Bean temperature is now displayed. The color changes to this brown tone right around the time of first crack.

  • And now, environmental temperature is now displayed as well! Dual temperature displays using our newly designed K thermocouples. The bean thermocouple has been placed so that it is immersed in the bean mass throughout the entire roast for greater accuracy and more consistent results.

  • Bean temperature is now used for the Target temperature (maximum is set by the user) and is displayed separately.

  • All adjustments are now done using these four knobs. Turn clockwise to increase a setting, counter-clockwise to lower. No more pushing buttons or selecting a parameter before adjusting! No "up and down" arrows to deal with! The time and temp (the two top knobs) set the maximum targets for the roast. The Heat and fan knobs (bottom two) are dedicated to those functions. Temp in 1% increments and fan speed in 10% increments. All settings are available throughout the roast

  • USB! Yes, the KN-8828B-2K+ has a USB port located on the side of the control panel. Software is currently in development.

  • The Fan speed and heating element power is constantly displayed

Other notable features are the relocation of the "EJECT button away from all other features to help avoid those frustrating mistakes that result in premature ejection. The control system has been designed around a new, slightly higher-output heating element. Our testing shows that this model is easily capable of dark roasts that so many enjoy. The setting knobs are the infinite rotation style control and the speed at which you turn them controls the rate of change of the parameter. The display itself is easily read and has a very wide angle of view from the sides as well as above.

Operation In Brief

  • Enter auto-eject time and temperature
  • Commence the roast
  • Adjust heater power and fan speed to build a profile as you roast
  • Eject the roast when ready
  • If desired, save the profile you created to a memory location

When you turn on the KN-8828B-2K+ you can roast in 'auto' mode or use one of three built-in memory locations. Once you have selected one you can enter what's called a 'target time' and 'target temperature'. We don't like the terms 'target' because it implies the controller is aiming for these settings which it isn't - these are simply points which, if reached, will cause the roast to be automatically ejected so we prefer to call them 'auto-eject' points. If you've got a roast profile well established you can use these if you wish but we prefer to set them to maximum (25 minutes and 220oC) so neither are ever reached and they don't interfere with our settings.

Having done that you press the Start button and the drum will commence pre-heating. Once the temperature in the drum reaches 75oC the controller will beep at you to advise you to add the beans to the drum. The control panel will now show time remaining, as well as current drum temperature, heater power setting and fan speed setting. You can cycle through these four settings and change any you wish at any point (on time and temperature you'll change the auto-eject points, not the current readings).

Safety Features

There are three safety warnings you may encounter during your roast which come into play when temperatures or temperature change rates may be too high:

  • If the drum temperature reaches 180oC within the first 8.5 minutes - the roast will continue but the control panel will beep at you and you must acknowledge this by pressing any button (other than eject) within 20 seconds or the roast will eject.
  • Once the drum temperature reaches 210oC - the drum will keep rotating but the heater and fan will turn off while the control panel beeps at you.
  • Again you have 20 seconds to push any button (other than eject) or the roast will ejectOnce the drum temperature reaches 220oC the roast will eject. There is no override for this safety point

Completing A Roast

Once the roast is ready you can press the Eject button. The roasted beans will be ejected to the external cooling tray and cooled to ambient temperature within a few minutes. Once this has happened you must empty the chaff tray before commencing another roast, and will have the option to save the roast profile you created to a memory location.

hottopusa.com has a wealth of information about Hottop roasters which we don't intend to replicate here, including more detailed model information, troubleshooting, repair procedures and more. We'd encourage you to visit their site if you wish to gain more detailed information about Hottop roasters.