About Us

Using local materials and expertise since 2002, we strive to create quality, progressive tools to meet the expectations of the ever-evolving coffee industry.

100% Australian Made, Owned and Operated.


Pullman Tampers have been independently verified as an Australian Made product by the Australian Made Campaign; in fact, we qualified for the most stringent of all standards, "Product of Australia", which demands that:

1) all significant components or ingredients must originate from Australia,

2) all, or virtually all, of the production processes must take place in Australia

The "Product of Australia" symbol on the box of every Pullman Tamper is your guaranteed proof that Pullman Tampers are 100% Australian. It means you can be certain you're getting a premium quality product made from premium quality materials right on our shores, and that every cent spent on a Pullman Tamper stays right here in Australia.

Thanks for shopping local!

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