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Habib Maarbani
Golden Bean 2012 winner (KN-8828B)

Industry professionals have said for years that the Hottop home coffee roaster consistently gives the closest match to a commercial drum roaster; so it’s no surprise the home roasting (espresso) category of the 2012 Golden Bean Australian coffee roasting competition was won by a Hottop user! Decorated Australian barista and 2012 Latte Art Masters champion Habib Maarbani took out the honour with a roast from his Hottop KN-8828B-2. This means that out of all the entries, the blind tasters felt beans roasted by the Hottop provided the best tasting result! Read what he had to say about his roaster.

Outperforms the competition (KN-8828B)
Di Bella Coffee
Phillip Di Bella of Di Bella Coffee

Di Bella Coffee is recognised as one of Australia’s leading specialty coffee brands, striving for quality and consistency in all we do. As part of maintaining our high standards, Di Bella have chosen a Hottop coffee roaster for all our sample roasting, quite simply because the Hottop outperforms any other small batch roaster in its class...

Phillip Di Bella - Di Bella Coffee Company, QLD.

Consistently High Performer (KN-8828B)
Toby's Estate Coffee
Toby Smith of Toby's Estate

We've been using the Hottop to roast the green bean samples by which we select the coffees Toby’s Estate will buy. When you choose 18 tons of coffee based on a 300 gram sample, it’s very important to get an excellent roast! The Hottop consistently delivers a clean, even and flexible roast profile, and can be set up for use in no time at all. We love it, and happily recommend it to the home roaster.

Toby Smith - Toby's Estate Coffee, NSW.

Great service, very happy! (KN-8828B with datalogger)

I've been very impressed with the service offered by Greg and Robin, despite some shipping and supply delays which were out of their control. They have been very communicative and helpful along the way, provided some great advice on getting up to speed on the Hottop and the product is just terrific. In particular, the bean mass probe install is very well thought out, I can't imagine how I could roast without it.

In about 2 weeks of using Hottop i've far exceeded both the quality and consistency of the roast I was getting out of a Behmor, not surprising given the difference in cost, but very satisfying.

Rob from Victoria.

Exceeded my expectation (KN-8828B with datalogger)

I've been roasting for quite a few years now with poppers, air roaster, heat guns etc but have always wanted more control and consistency. I have just finished my first roast on the Hottop and it exceeded my expectations - quiet, almost no smoke, plenty of scope for fine-tuning and it was all logged on my laptop.
Paul H, Newcastle, NSW.

What a great roaster (KN-8828P)

Easy to use a great reliable machine worth every penny, Have had it now for over 6 months done over 40 batches of various single origin beans and have never had to dump any in the bin.

Steve, Qld.

Easy to use, & great results. Fantastic coffee! (KN-8828P)

What a great little roaster! I am thrilled to bits with this little gem. After doing some research on home roasters. I was looking to purchase a cheaper unit because of its size & price. I am pleased I came across the "Hottop".

My 1st roast in the Hottop, was fantastic! The coffee smelt fresh, & tasted great too. I wish I still had my cafe, as my customers would enjoy the roasting process. I am a Barista, & roasting my own coffee gives me great pleasure, to enjoy the whole coffee experience - from green bean to cup!

Thanks Things Coffee I am more than happy with my Hottop! You offer a 10/10 service. Anyone looking to puchase a home roaster - Go the Hottop! Not only is it a great roaster & user friendly, it looks great on the bench!

Kim Cazaly, Tasmania.

Brilliant, as expected (KN-8828B)

Although new to coffee roasting, I had researched the subject fairly extensively, and had narrowed the choice down to the Hottop and a cheaper unit. Noise levels and interaction with the roasting process influenced my decision to purchase the Hottop B. Quick and helpful responses to a couple of emails gave my a good idea of the type of service I could expect from the supplier.

I have just completed my second roast in the machine, and have found it easy to use following the sample roast profile provided. Results are brilliant! I already have a friend lining up to purchase one.

Mal Rose, NSW

Super service, product and price! (KN-8828P)

For $$, features and performance this has to be the best home roaster on the market - great results and looks superb on the bench at home!

George L Antonas, NSW.

Fantastic service and a great result from my new roaster (KN-8828P)

Thanks so much for the personalised service and updates throughout the purchasing process. The roaster arrived in great order and went straight into use with great results. Your extra information was a great help in getting started.

Stephen Wright, NSW.