National Competition Filtration Basket, 2017-2020!

 We have been a proud sponsor of ASCA for more than 5 years, and we are happy to announce, we have extended our partnership further. Our 19g - 22g filtration baskets will be used in competition for the next 3 years. 

“We are proud to continue the great relationship with Pullman, who have been a key partner of the recent development of ASCA,” said ASCA President Brent Williams. “Companies like Pullman understand that by supporting ASCA, they are supporting the Australian specialty coffee industry in general.” from recent ASCA article. 

We're excited to see what's in store for Australian coffee, and we're honoured to be backing the assciation that supports it. 

Learn more about our filtration baskets here. 

Taste Is Always King: Coffee & Milk with Fleurieu Milk Company

When it comes to the difference of average and excellent, it's the combining effort of all the small details which make the biggest difference.

At Fleurieu Milk Company, these are values they live by. The end result? In our opinion, the best milk in the country.
If you're a coffee person, you'd know the extent we go to, to make coffee better. Us, for example, created a world-wide business dedicated to exactly that. Therefore, when we come across like-minded folks like this, our hearts skip a beat.

Not to mention, these guys are SA local and proud, how lucky are we?

Check them out,

325 Rowley Road, Myponga
SA 5202
(08) 8558 6020

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BigStep MKII 440C

What does this mean?

Mark II is a fancy way of saying “version 2” and we like to be different... Also, the boss man kind of liked it.
440C however, is more deliberate. This is a 440 grade stainless steel, and has the highest carbon content for a 400 stainless steel series.
It is then heat-treated to reach 43-45 HRC. (let’s just say it’s freaking hard!)

Okay so it’s hard, but what does this mean for performance?

The main purpose of the material change is all about that trademark edge! Using such hard steel, allows the edge to be maintained, ensuring perfect shape and maximum surface coverage, use after use!

You may also notice some other improvements:
•  More damage resistant
•  Smoother glide during puck-polish

One more thing..

We have also changed the edge from a 65˚ edge to a 45˚ edge, which has ensured even less suction in the basket. Happy days!

.... same price
.... It's all in the small details which make the difference!


  • BigStep MKII 4.4
  • BigStep MKII 3
  • BigStep MKII 5
  • Pictured: BigStep MKII 440C Base + Black 5mm Spacer + Black Acetal Handle
  • Pictured: BigStep MKII 440C Base + Black 5mm Spacer + Black Acetal Handle
  • Pictured: BigStep MKII 440C Base + Black 5mm Spacer + Black Acetal Handle

We have stopped making the previous version, and all units going forward will be MKII 440C.